• SVC-820

    SVC-820 is the standard and most popular Geoscanners survey cart for utility detection.

  • CMH-201

    CMH-201 is used in the Rex system for high speed road and railroad surveys.

  • GSH-490

    GSH-490 is one of the things that make the Scorpio system the perfect choice for rough terrains.

Accessories / Carts, Trailers and Tow Handles


The Geoscanners carts and trailers play an important role in the scalability of our GPR systems and their low weight. The products are manufactured with the end user in mind, optimized for different survey conditions. All our carts, trailers and tow handles were designed to successfully meet the following criteria:

  • Easy to transport
  • Weigh as little as possible
  • Are robust enough to withstand the different challenges that survey conditions can present

This is possible because all of the carts are built using Scandinavian fiberglass pipes and plastic junctions to result in a very rugged and durable construction.

Each product is designed to be used with as many GPR antennas as possible. In many cases the same cart can be used for both ground coupled, airborne and the MFC multi-frequency antennas by simply adding a plug-in. This gives you the great freedom to switch between antennas, without having a storage full of different accessories.

These accessories are divided into 4 main categories that are shown in the tables below, those categories are: survey carts, survey trailers and tow handles, vehicle mounts and miscellaneous. The carts are generally used for utility surveys and the tow handles are a perfect choice for rough terrain surveys. The vehicle mounts are produced specifically for road surveys.

If you have a special request for an accessory, then please contact us. The GTP-901 and the CMH series are results of customer requests. We keep our eyes and ears open to suggestions, so do not hesitate to get in touch. Maybe your request will results in a product that will make a huge difference to your survey results.


  • Light weight
  • Compact
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Quick assembly
  • Survey wheel encoders are always included
  • Only Scandinavian components are used for the carts, trailers, tow handles and vehicle mounts
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Survey Carts

Image Name Systems Antennas Dimensions
SVC-819 SVC-819 No specific system Designed to be used with antennas from other GPR manufacturers 1125x815x986mm
SVC-820 SVC-820 U-Explorer, Geo-60, Geo-80, Geo-120, Geo-100D, Odin GCB ground coupled antennas,
HA horn antennas,
Gekko airborne antennas and
MFC multi-channel antennas. Additional accessories are needed for the airborne antennas and the GCB-100 ground coupled antennas.
SVC-821 SVC-821 U-Explorer Mini GCB ground coupled antennas (200MHz – 700MHz) 980x625x1010mm
SVC-822 SVC-822 No specific system FLB airborne antennas 1150x665x1050mm
SVC-823 SVC-823 PiL PiL antenna 980x660x870mm

Survey Trailers and Tow Handles

Image Name Systems Antennas Dimensions
GSH-490 GSH-490 Scorpio GCB ground coupled antennas (200MHz – 700MHz) 2170x302mm
GSH-491 GSH-491 Geo-100R GCB-100 ground coupled antennas. 2170x302mm
GST-806 GST-806 No specific system FLB airborne antennas,
GCB-1000 ground coupled antennas. Additional accessories are required for the GCB-1000 antennas.

Vehicle Mounts

Image Name Systems Antennas Dimensions
CMH-201 CMH-201 Rex HA horn antennas,
FLB airborne antennas
CMH-202 CMH-202 Rex Duo HA horn antennas,
FLB airborne antennas
CMH-203 CMH-203 Rex Triton HA horn antennas,
FLB airborne antennas


Image Name Systems Antennas Dimensions
GTP-901 GTP-901 No specific system BA borehole antennas. 1800x1600x1785mm
MWH-131 MWH-131 No specific system GCB-1000 ground coupled antenna. 300x235x150mm
ASH-822 ASH-822 No specific system Gekko airborne antennas. 296x210x476mm
HDR-935 HDR-935 Scorpio, Geo-100R, Geo-1250
Used with the Panasonic CF-19 tough book computer.
No specific antenna. Adjustable height.
HDR-937 HDR-936, -937 Scorpio, Geo-100R, Geo-1250
Used with a laptop or netbook.
No specific antenna. Adjustable height.