GPR introduction course at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, 2014

Software / Downloads

GPRSoft Viewer

Zipped Document IconFree GPRSoft Viewer

GPRSoft Viewer can open all of the major GPR formats. The software is free of charge and you can use it to quickly visualize your collected GPR data. It includes only the basic viewing features.

If you need to process the data as well, please contact us for a trial version of GPRSoft. You can read more about it here.

GeoPointer X

GeoPointer X
Zipped Archive IconGeoPointer X version 1.9.19 Demo

GPR post-processing software that combines GPS coordinates, map positioning, pictures and more from the geophysical survey in one single system. It is the only easy way of documenting your survey areas!

Click on the above link to download the 10-days full version demo.

Gaia Spectrum

Gaia Spectrum

Zipped Archive IconFree GaiaSpectrum® Lite

A smaller an free version of the GaiaSpectrum® GPR software. Click on the above link to download the free version that can be used for unlimited time.
Zipped Document IconFree 32-bit

Zipped Document IconFree 64-bit

GPR trace simulation software for up to ten layers with different physical properties. Download the free versions that can be used for unlimited time. No registration is required.

Zipped Document IconFree 32-bit, French

Zipped Document IconFree 64-bit, French