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U-Explorer is a complete GPR survey system that has a combination of top of the line Geoscanners products: an Akula 9000 radar control unit, a ground coupled antenna from the GCB-series, GAS acquisition GPR software, GPRSoft post-processing software, a 4-wheel SVC-820 survey cart with an integrated survey wheel, as well as other accessories. Everything is calibrated and matched, so that the system can be used as soon as it arrives. It is an all-in-one scalable survey solution for many different types of surveys focusing on shallow to medium depth investigations.

How does it work then? U-Explorer has a set of tools that allow the user to accurately find the target objects and determine their depth. The embedded hyperbola fitting tool in the GAS acquisition software allows for precise determination of the bulk dielectric constant of the layer under investigation. In other words, a hyperbola appears on the computer screen when the system passes over a target. Moving the system backwards will start the back-up cursor and you will know, when the cursor is right on top of the hyperbola apex, that the center of the antenna is exactly on top or your target.

U-Explorer is one of our most popular systems, and there is a reason for it! It can be used for a great variety of different surveys, see the application list on the right for more information. It is also the system that can be adjusted the most to the end user. This is because it is designed with scalability in mind, allowing you to choose the perfect antenna or other accessories upon discussing your survey requirements with our engineers. The choice of antenna will not affect the price of the system, but it will make your survey results reach a whole new level.

Included Products

The products below are standard products that are included in all U-Explorer systems. Modifications can be made, depending on the survey requirements and user needs.

Apart from the listed products, all Geoscanners systems include quick professional support and GPR training at the Geoscanners facility in Sweden or at another location around the world (read more here).

  • GCB ground coupled antenna (choose between center frequencies from 200MHz and up to 700MHz)
  • Akula 9000B control unit
  • SVC-820, 4-wheel survey cart with an integrated survey wheel
  • Laptop
  • GPRSoft Standard post-processing software
  • GAS acquisition software
  • Battery and charger
  • Accessories
  • U-Explorer

    The U-Explorer system is ready
    to be used as soon as it arrives.

  • U-Explorer

    The scalability of the system
    gives you endless possibilities.

  • U-Explorer

    Perfect for utility detection.


  • Utility detection and mapping
  • Void detection
  • Environmental damage location
  • Forensic investigations
  • Archeology
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